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    Florida Atlantic University & Engineers in Action


    Student team

    Since 2020 the FAU - College of Engineering and Computer Science has selected a group of highly motivated and talented future Civil Engineers that are tasked with the completion of a cable-suspended footbridge that will serve a community in Eswatini, Africa (formerly known as Swaziland). These bridges will serve individuals, in an underserved community, have access to essential services all year-round. Allowing students, working individuals, farmers, and medical staff to cross rivers without the fear of injury or death.


    Our Mission is

    “To create a positive change in the world by providing connections to different communities with sustainable infrastructure design.


    Engineers in Action

    Nonprofit Organization

    Since 2006 in our Bridge Program, hundreds of students from 40+ universities across the globe have designed and built 110+ footbridges alongside rural communities in 12 countries, effectively connecting nearly 150,000 previously isolated people to essential resources.

    Engineers in Action's (EIA) mission is to support development of sustainable systems and infrastructure with underserved communities, local expertise, and global partners.


    EIA's Bridge Program empowers today's students to become tomorrow's global leaders by building bridges with underserved communities

  • Our Projects

    See the location of our past bridges here

    2023 - Emlaleni Mabovini Footbridge

    Mkhulamini , Eswatini

    The Emlaleni Mabovini bridge is currently under construction. The student team consists of Emmanuel Francois, Samuel Apaez, Ricardo Barker, Amy Navarro, and Kaytlynn Mancinelli. The team had the privilege of working and traveling with two of the past project managers, Alex Hintze and Carolina Velez.


    The proposed footbridge will provide safe and reliable access for the Mkhulamini community to the rest of the Manzini region. The population directly served by the bridge consists of 3750 individuals, a third of whom are children. The existing facilities of the surrounding area feature schools, churches, grocery stores and healthcare clinics. In addition, much of the surrounding land is used for farmland or residential homesteads. Per the USDA Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS)’s report on Eswatini, over 70% of the country’s rural population is dependent upon subsistence agriculture. The access provided by this bridge will propel the economy forward for the Mkhulamini people, who are mainly farmers, giving them the opportunity to sell or trade items like maize, spinach, goats, cattle, and chicken. These people will gain consistent access to education, health care, and local markets through the construction of the proposed bridge.





    2021 - Lubanjiswano Footbridge

    Manzini, Eswatini

    The Lubanjiswano Bridge, completed in June 2021, was the first bridge completed after the pandemic halted all construction in Eswatini.


    The student team consisted of Juan Zertuche, Carolina Velez, Samer Abed, Jholyn Gutierrez, Josue Navarro, and Shailah Steck.


    The bridge is currently serving the Nhlulweni and Mhlangeni communities. These communities have a total population of 1,500 people. The Lubanjiswano Bridge design was completed keeping extreme consideration of the community in mind. The Bridge was customized from the standard design, which reduced the cost of materials, as well as the construction hours that were required from the volunteers.


    This project won the 2022 NCEES Engineering Education Award. This award will be used in the construction of future bridges by FAU & EIA.


    2020 - Maphikelela Footbridge 

    Maphalaleni, Eswatini

    The Maphikelela Bridge was completed in July 2020. The student team consisted of Alexander Hintze, Maximo Bravo, Samantha Robinson, and Esther Mitchell. The FAU team travel to the site to assist in the construction of the bridge. Unfortunately, their trip was cut short when due travel restrictions.


    The bridge is currently serving 1,200 people of Malangenini, Busheletini and Bulimeni communities in the Maphalaleni inkhundla. The project beneficiaries include the 500 school-
    going children currently crossing the Mkhomati River. The primary economic activities of these communities are subsistence crop farming and cattle rearing.

  • 2023 Sponsorship Levels

    Project Goal: $40,000 USD

    Bridge Builder


    With $5,000 you will cover the bulk of building materials and equipment required for construction and will ensure success of the project.



    With $2,500 you will cover travel accommodations for students to traverse to Eswatini Africa where they will oversee construction.

    Local Mason


    With $1,500 you will be providing the salary for local masons to assist in building the foundation for the towers and lunch for all laborers.



    With $500 you will be providing the team required Personal Protection Equipment such as boots & essential safety supplies, i.e Malaria medication.

    Support Team

    Up to $499

    $10 helps the team buy disposable masks, $50 provides the team protein powder, $100 will buy filters and chlorine tabs for safe water.

  • All donations are tax deductible, we are a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization.

    Support us to build a connection among communities and provide a positive change in the world.

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    Florida Atlantic 2021
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  • 2023 Team

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    Project Manager

    Emmanuel Francois

    Construction Manager

    Ricardo Baker

    Design Manager

    Samuel Apaez

    Safety Manager

    Amy Navarro

    Cultural Relations Manager

    Kaytlynn Mancinelli


    Alexander Hintze


    Carolina Velez


    Samantha Robinson


    Dr. Fred Bloetscher


    Dr. Daniel Meeroff

    Engineer In Charge

    Matthew Bye

    Bridge Corps

    Steve Richards

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